Say You Love Me

“Opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… That is being naked.” ~ Rob Bell”


I thought I knew heartbreak after my first love decided he couldn’t wait, and made a choice that would bond him to another woman for the rest of his life.

I thought I knew heartbreak when I fell for a friend who turned out to be nothing like a friend at all.

Then I met you. The one who was different. The one who had always loved, but was never loved enough. The one who made me more than whole. The one I could love endlessly. And out of everyone I’d ever loved, you finally showed me what it was like to truly be broken… over and over and over again.

I’m no longer broken. But I remember how it feels to be that kind of broken, lonely, and lost. And I’m forever changed by that experience.

I’ll never understand how you could have been the person to bring me that much pain. And somehow I still can’t shake the feeling that you were someone I could love forever.

It’s a pain to remember how amazing you were and have to continually face the stranger you’ve become when I think of your name.

I don’t believe I could look you in the eyes and carry on like you’re someone I once knew. So I won’t.

I used to wish that I could forget all the ways I loved you. But I can’t close my heart to the truth.

You happened. Love happened. It was not the bad dream that I wish it could have been. But at least I can say I made it out alive, after all the days I thought I couldn’t face such an awful truth.

About Me

– I am an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind.


“Learning from experiences is one of the ways in which we decide if experience may frighten us, weaken us or make us self-doubt, but it may also make us stronger. Sankofa teaches there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past.”


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