Say You Love Me

“Opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… That is being naked.” ~ Rob Bell”


There’s a corner of my heart that is yours. Even ten years from now, when I’m no longer the same person who fell in love with you. Some things just stick. I guess you’re the one who’ll come to mind when friends begin to reminisce about their first love. If they ask me about mine, I imagine I’ll feel a jolt in my heart and smile. Then I’ll tell them the truth, or maybe I’ll stop just short of it. If I’m married by then or in love I’ll say, “The first love is great. But it doesn’t count like your last.” And if I’m single and brave I might say, “It was my first love, and it was the last time I owned my own heart.”

About Me

– I am an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind.


“Learning from experiences is one of the ways in which we decide if experience may frighten us, weaken us or make us self-doubt, but it may also make us stronger. Sankofa teaches there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past.”


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