Say You Love Me

“Opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… That is being naked.” ~ Rob Bell”

Meet Me Wherever

Why is it so hard to meet people where they are?

It’s unrealistic to demand understanding and perfection from individuals…

People that are meaningfully different from ourselves

Although we can relate to each other on some levels,

We haven’t walked in each other’s shoes

And we haven’t lived each other’s lives

No matter how much we have wanted to.

Even empathy can’t give us that type of knowledge.

Our wanting and our longing and our understanding can only go so far.

Most times we have to navigate through the hurricanes and dust storms

And in the middle of the fuckery, if we’re lucky, we connect with someone in the midst of their storms

I have only wished and wrote and tried to live to be lucky and humble enough to do exactly that

for anyone who has crossed my path.

Because I believe in my heart that it’s not hard to meet people where they are at.

About Me

– I am an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind.


“Learning from experiences is one of the ways in which we decide if experience may frighten us, weaken us or make us self-doubt, but it may also make us stronger. Sankofa teaches there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past.”


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