Say You Love Me

“Opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… That is being naked.” ~ Rob Bell”

166. #AllOrNothing

I’ve never really had doubts about finding real love, ya know, and creating the life I always dreamed of with someone special. A few heartbreaks and some mistakes here and there but I don’t think I ever lost hope.

Today, I wonder if I’m any good at any of this. Life or love. The more I give, the more it’s beaten me down. My heart aches. It’s hard for me to have faith that things will work out and starting something new feels hopeless. Lackluster. The beginning of the same old end. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have it in me anymore. I’ve lost my heart somewhere out there and I’m not so sure that I’ll find it again. At least not the way it was before. I’m more broken. More damaged. It’s like believing in something ruined me. It all has changed me for sure and I want so badly to get back to the hopeful and loving soul that I used to be when it comes to matters of the heart. I don’t want to lose faith in it all. I don’t want to give up on love or loving something deeply.

About Me

– I am an ancient soul, in a modern body, with a futuristic state of mind.


“Learning from experiences is one of the ways in which we decide if experience may frighten us, weaken us or make us self-doubt, but it may also make us stronger. Sankofa teaches there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past.”


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